August 21, 2006

My e-mail conversation this morning

Lisa: Hi, I take it your dad's advice was to contact the ward on my behalf?

R: No, that is what I decided after praying about in your behalf.

Lisa: Well thanks. Did you call the bishop? I do appreciate your concern. Now unfortunately they are under the impression that I've been offended by someone at church and that I'm in Satan's grasp. Neither of which is true in any way.

If the church is true, it will bear up under my lowly scrutiny, don't you think? I have no fear of questioning those things that make me go hmmmm.

:) Happy Monday.

R: No I called (RS President) because I'm worried about you. There is nothing bad that will come of the right people being concerned. How you interpret their concern is your business but I'm positive that not a SINGLE person in that ward feels that you are in Satan's grasp. Have faith in the love and concern they show and quit letting yourself get hung up on the small things because that IS exactly the way Satan will get you in his grasp.

Lisa: R,

How would you feel if, when you once confided in me that you were attracted to a guy at work (Lars), who was not a member, and were in fact in love with him, and I knew this to be against what the church would advise, so I decided to "help you" by talking about it to (RS Pres) who in turn told others so you'd get a letter from someone you barely know at church?

Then how would you feel if this person you barely know at church wrote in said letter that Satan was attacking you and trying to stop your eternal progression? And not to worry about these things of Satan? And what would you feel if this person told you to forgive yourself for allowing people to influence what you know to be true? And if he told you to ask Heavenly Father to heal your broken heart. That he is not all, that this has happened to you. And to deny the voices in your head. Say - Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! all the day long. And that he prays that the angels will protect you from Satan's grasp. (all these are direct quotes from my little letter I got ~ he referred to Satan NINE times in the letter! I'd say he thinks I'm in Satan's grasp.)

I'm sad that you didn't just try to talk to me yourself, instead of getting others involved. I would have much rather gone to my friends and leaders in my own due time, or never at all, if I had resolved my issues with my own study and prayer. I wish (RS Pres), whom I also consider my friend, had come to me herself rather than immediately go and talk about me to others behind my back and make me the new "project" that they will put at the top of their list of concerns.

I don't feel like I'm getting hung up on the small things. You feel that nothing bad will come of "the right people" being concerned. I feel like my privacy has been violated and I'm now having to defend my thoughts to people I barely know. Had I wanted that I'd have sent a form letter out to them myself. I've learned a valuable lesson, though, so thanks for that, I guess.

I wonder why I haven't heard back from her.......hmmmm.


La said...

Ooh, Ooh, did she reply back? You said the exact same things I was thinking!!! Now I have to know how she responds. IF she does...

Sister Mary Lisa said...

No reply thus far. The last e-mail was sent at 11 on Monday morning. I hope she's squirming. But I doubt it. I'm guessing another friendship just bit the dust.

Sideon said...

I bet this "friend" will feel doubly happy and proud and so righteous that she betrayed your privacy.

Morals and ethics: not just for the One True Church any more.

schmeg said...

Is anyone there? Please contact me. I'd like to know more