April 19, 2007

It ain't pretty

As I drove slowly up the rutted alley beside the baseball field a couple days ago, I could see my daughter and her teammates gathering their softball gear near the fence. I reached the parking lot adjacent to the field and had to wait for a Suburban to back out of the tight space, then I parked and got out to get her.

I walked across the parking lot, loving the sound my heeled boots made as I walked. I like the way women walk when they wear heels, and when I do it I feel very sexy…

As I got closer to the field I was surprised to find only one coach remaining with his daughter ~ no other girls in sight. I asked where my daughter was, surprised because I had just seen her. He had no clue, but his daughter said she was with another girl, though she didn’t know where. I turned, and scanned the distant game being played two fields over for the familiar form of my daughter, and I started walking toward the game. All of a sudden my right foot hit a concrete parking barrier and I went down face-first so fast it dried my eyeballs. I rolled over into a sitting position and sat there, stunned.

The coach had been watching me and he called, “Are you okay? My God! Did you hurt yourself?” I turned and looked at him, grinning at him but laughing inside because I know damn well how ungraceful my fall was. It ain’t pretty when a tall girl falls.

“Does my pride count?”

It was almost as embarrassing as my most embarrassing moment, except that I only had a couple people watching this time instead of an entire gym full of spectators. The worst part of the experience? My favorite sexy boots are ruined from being gouged by the concrete barrier that so rudely took me out.


Anonymous said...


"...fell so fast it dried my eyeballs." I love that line!

Sorry about the boots.

All humor has a victim. How wonderful to be able to laugh at ourselves when we are the "victimized."

Liseysmom said...

I'm only laughing because I have SO been there - from one tall girl in boots to another!!

aka madre said...


Did you have to inherit that trait from me also??? Besides the NOSE?

I'm so sorry.

aka Madre

Cele said...

Don't you love the sound of your boots in gravel? What is it about that sound. And your heels clicking on pavement, when I walk indoors it sounds like a herd of horses, but out side, it is sexy as hell (oh mi gosh, does that mean I turn myself on, because I don't see any men looking at me right now.)

Sorry about your boots, stupid concrete anyway.

Sideon said...

My friend, I have a gravity problem, and I don't need anything higher than regular shoes to complicate my life.

Cowboy boots are absolutely pushing it.

"...dried my eyeballs..." - OMG, that is funny!

CV Rick said...

What's worse, the embarrassment or the ruined boots?

I've learned to appreciate the value of footwear since living with my gf these past 8 years. She has an assortment of expensive shoes and boots and I know well the pain of a ruined pair - as well as the expense of using a high quality shoe repair shop.

Of course, if it'd been me, I'd have hit my face and broken my nose . . . again.

Anonymous said...

I am imaging the sexy legs with heels, oh glad you are ok. I am always tripping over somethig, my five year old calls me grace.

Genilimaa said...

I try to walk gracefully with heels, but not doing a very good job I'm afraid. But I do love, love, love my high-heel boots. Like you said, feeling a wee bit sexy and totally a grown-up!

Lemon Blossom said...

Agh, I hate it when that happens. I don't do well in heels (and I'm not even 5'3" so I could probably use them) so I have no excuse except that I am clumsy.

"...dried my eyeballs" was also my favorite part. :)

JulieAnn said...

That....is tragic. My GOD. How are your boots? Can you get new ones? (Did I ever mention that I'm a shoe whore?)


Jazzy said...

Sorry about the fall!! I hope you weren't hurt! Sorry about the boots too. :( On the bright side, now you can go out and buy new ones!! :)

The question remains, where was S?