April 10, 2007

Fun Times

Recently my youngest daughter and I have been enjoying some quality time together at a local ceramic studio. You pick out a raw piece of ceramic, (they have plates, bowls, mugs, piggy banks, even bathroom sinks!) and you choose colors from a huge assortment, then you sit at a table and paint to your heart's content.

Here's my first ceramic art attempt, a sushi platter I plan to hang on my wall as soon as I find a decorative hanger. I'm thrilled with how it turned out, because before they fired it, it was dull and the colors weren't vivid, and I wasn't that pleased. But after they glazed it and fired it in the kiln, the colors emerged and became more like I originally envisioned when I started painting.

I have a feeling I'm gonna be dropping lots of money at that ceramic studio. I may already be addicted.


Sideon said...

I loves me some ceramic stores. Oh yessssss. They had a place in Pleasant Hill called "Artopia," but it closed a few years back (insert dramatic sigh, here). There were a group of women at work (and two token gay guys (ahem)) who'd go and do "art" each Wednesday night. Or maybe it was Tuesday.

I was fine with the whole deal until they started extending the evening: meet at the Mexican joint across the street for dinner (which was mostly chips and salsa and VERY strong margaritas).

My most memorable creation (because I wasn't drunk) was a deep blue dinner plate with a yellow sun center.

My most horrific creation (because I was extremely drunk) was a mug with what was supposed to be a phoenix. Yeah, this thing was dubbed 'the chicken mug,' quite quickly.

For the uninitiated: don't drink and draw (or paint). Just don't.

Your sushi plate is awesome, SML.

Anonymous said...

I started blogging again for pottery stories? I was looking for romance at BYU, come on you said if I came back you would provide more details. Give it up... :)

AZEX - now AZ Awakening

Ros said...

That is beautiful! You have an amazing talent. PI have been to such a place and my work tends to look like the "art" of a five-year-old.

Ros said...

My most horrific creation (because I was extremely drunk) was a mug with what was supposed to be a phoenix. Yeah, this thing was dubbed 'the chicken mug,' quite quickly.

Sideon: that totally busted me up.

supernova said...

Very beautiful!

aka madre said...

It IS beautiful. And so are you.

aka Madre

Rachel said...

I wish I could paint. I am woefully inadequate in the artistic department.
I make up for it in the boudoir though. hehe

Cele said...

Back in the 90s there was a ceramic place here in town. My daughters and I would go at least once a month and pick something out for each of us to work on. It was wonderful. Then they closed.

Now a new place has opened and I'm thinking it will be fun for my grandson and me.

I love your plate, I'm not nearly as artistic - I'm more in line with Sid's chicken mug,but I'm sober.

The Sacred Sister said...

WOW! It looks great, SML! We have a place like this near me and I have been dying to try it. After seeing your lovely artwork, I think I will. :)

Simeon's . . . Turning the Corner said...

How do you do that? I just don't get how people can make images like that with some paint and a brush. It looks really good. Plus, this isn't even your specialty.

Taiko Tari said...

That is soooo georgeous!!

kitten said...

Oh my! That is just gorgeous! I am so envious of people that are artistic cuz I ain't got a single artistic bone is this bod nowhere.

Freckle Face Girl said...

You are so creative and have a wonderfully artistic eye!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Sid ~ hilarious memory you share of drunken painting. Chicken mug! And just so you know, I NEVER make fun of another person's attempt at art. I love it all. Send me the chicken mug and I'll treasure it. :)

AZ ~ You and that damn hot springs. I knew I was asking for trouble by using that story to lure you back into blogging. Welcome back!

Ros ~ Some of the best art hanging in my house was done by a five year old. Great stuff.

Supernova ~ thanks so much.

Madre ~ you're sweet. Biased, but sweet.

Rachel ~ I love your comment on the boudoir. Niiiice.

Cele ~ I guess I'll have to frequent the ceramic studio we love here often so they don't find themselves closing too.

Sacred Sis ~ Do it! Do it! Do it! Then post pics of it so we can ooh and aaah too!

Simeon ~ thanks! I don't know how I do it other than I just do, and I love to, even NEED to. Thanks. The shiny glaze really helps it look better than I do, tho.

Tari ~ thanks, sweetheart. You make me feel good.

Kitten ~ you too. And I bet you have undiscovered artistic bones you just don't know yet.

FFG ~ Heady praise indeed from someone as designer as you! Your blog is a work of art in itself!!! :D

Gluby said...
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Gluby said...

Gorgeous, Lisa. I love it.

LB just started going to a similar place here, and made me a mug with her... burgeoning... artistic skills. (I love you honey!)

It's an oversized yellow mug with iconography from our relationship (little ducky here, a chick there) and, right where I normally hold it, an enormous pumpkin-pretzel demonic looking thing. It was supposed to be a heart with some kind of pattern in the middle, but it is distinctly of the devil. I have been having nightmares since.

JMK said...

I'm awed once again. You have amazing talent, my friend. Amazing.

JulieAnn said...

I hear ya, SML. Wish I knew of one here in SLC. There used to be a couple, but they're closed. :0(

Paint and glaze awaaaayyyy!


Genilimaa said...

I love the plate, SML! You're are so incredibly gifted.

Anonymous said...

That is gwargeous! ;) I have always wanted to get into ceramics and painting. How did S like it?

Sideon said...

As mentioned previously, the horrendous (and drunken) creation can be found here.