April 3, 2007

A Conversation at Tony's

T: "Mom! I'm so excited that my primary teacher brought over a card for my birthday! I can't wait to be baptized!!"

Tony: "Well...Let's talk about this, Honey. Tell me what it means to you. Why do you want to be baptized?"

T: "Well, it's the right thing to do."

Tony: "What do you mean?"

T: "You know, that ONE GUY did it."

Tony: (stunned look on her face that says, are you freakin' kidding me??)

B: (Five year old picking up on the look on her mom's face) "Duh! That's JESUS and JOHN THE BAPTISM!"


Sideon said...

From the mouths of babes.

Here are two (amusing and hysterical) lists:

From a Popular Science magazine

Scroll down for the first grade test on proverbs

aka madre said...

Oh yes...they were talking to me on the telephone this weekend and B said, "Weekend after next, T gets baptized!" I thought, hmmm...how interesting.

Can't WAIT to see all of you this wknd! Wonder what T will decide?!

Cute picture...I DO have the cutest grandkids! :)))

Love you...aka madre

P.S. Sideon...

Loved the jokes! Thanks!

Cele said...

What adorable kids, and what Sid said.

Loved the jokes Sid.

Bishop Rick said...

Sure is quiet these days in Bloggerville.

Anonymous said...

Aw those little girls are wonderful. I really wish I could be coming down this weekend too! I can't even believe how homesick I am. Oh well. BTW I just read Darts post about your sleepover, and if S is anything like me, that really meant a lot to her. I am glad that she gets that attention that she needs.

Tony said...

Thanks all for the compliments about my girls. I love them so much!

Madre - Can't wait to see you!!!

KT - I wish you could come too. I'm pondering a trip your way early this Summer. A won't be able to mike it probably because of work, but I'm thinking a road trip sounds fun and I miss you. Loves and hugs!!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Lil'KT, you KNOW how bad I want you to come up! I miss you so damn bad.

Jazzy said...


Give those girls big hugs from me! They are so darn cute! I can't believe how big A is getting!!

Have fun this weekend.

Lemon Blossom said...

Aww, what cutie pies!

Hey, SML, we should hook up your nieces with my two cutie pies and have adorable grandchildren/nieces/nephews in 20 years (give or take). And then we'd be related and I'd get to meet your awesome family!