April 13, 2007

On the road again!

I just love traveling across Montana at this time of year. We travel a lot for soccer games just so the kids can have actual competition with similar teams ~ all you people out there who are blessed to have gobs of humanity in your state don't have a clue. But we enjoy it or we wouldn't do it.

So, we'll be in Helena tomorrow, which will be fun. There is a mountain visible in the distance called "The Sleeping Giant" which never fails to make me smile.

What I love is watching the change of seasons as we travel each week. Right now there is no green, but soon the cottonwoods will be in full leaf and spring will be here for real. My favorite time of year.

Happy weekend, everyone!


aka madre said...

I only wish I lived closer to travel along with you! I too love to travel Montana and see it's beauty. But, mostly, I would love to be able to watch J play soccer!

Hope you have a wonderful time!

aka Madre

Cele said...

wow, it looks like it's spring green to me. And it looks beautiful.

Jazzy said...

Good Luck to J!! I know he will do awesome!! I miss Montana, but I love the green all year round here. It is always green and beautiful here. I like the Sleeping Giant too. I remember the first time I showed it to the kids. They were in awwww!

Have a wonderful, relaxing time!!

Genilimaa said...

It seems from my children's dinosaur lexicon that there have been a number of fossile findings in Montana throughout the years. Are there constant excavations going on all over the place? Many exhibitions at the University and local museums?
Another reason to visit Montana...

(My daughter of five is standing beside me, adding: "ask your Lisa if she knows why we don't have any fossiles here in UmeƄ." Done.)

Anonymous said...


Love the photo, reminds me of those magical days that I was privileged to spend in your beautiful state.

Best to you:


Eight Hour Lunch said...

Beautiful shot! And I'm stuck here in the office. Bummer.