March 1, 2007


Yes, I'm alive. I have been super busy and stuff at work...

What? You think I've been preoccupied instead with chatting and reading stuff over on FLAK?? Well, that may be true too. I'll never tell!

I've got some creative posts brewing. All in good time. In the meantime, know that all is well, and I'll write when I can.

A few random thoughts:

**I'll be starting a new and challenging portrait commission this week. (YES!!! Thanks for commissioning me, you-know-who-you-are!!!) It'll be nice to have a pencil in my hands again. Note to self: Go to the art store and get a bigger drawing board, and that pad of 16"x20" quality drawing paper you saw earlier.

**Aunt Flo keeps overstaying her welcome. Just when I think she's gone for at least a month, she returns ten days later to torment me for days. I'm thinking I shall seek the help of professionals to see if I can't make her stop visiting quite so often. Hope it's nothing too serious.

**I don't care if you think that's TMI. Don't read it if you hate it.

**I've still been enjoying way fewer headaches in the past few months. I'm a new woman.

**Someday I'll find the discipline to be in bed at midnight instead of writing random thoughts down in my blog.

**Ever since I switched to Blogger Beta, I've had problems with being only sporadically notified via e-mail that I have new comments posted on my blog by my friends. I'm not used to having to look back on my recent posts to see if someone has commented. This is highly irritating. I like knowing if someone has commented on my archived posts as well. Wonder how I can fix this, if at all.

Since I'm starting to see double, I've got to quit now and get some shut-eye.

Good night!


Lemon Blossom said...


Kate - LovetoLead said...

Keep the creative posts coming, I’m sure they are good for you!

Cele said...

Isnt' it terrible how we plan to be in bed at a worthy time and then the internet, or a random thought pops into our head.

WB Lisa - how was the book?

dartman113 said...

Listen to LB. :)

kitten said...

I feel so lucky. I've never had a problem with Beta, perhaps they are just tormenting those that waited until they HAD to switch? I got it as soon as it was available. That said, I'll start having problems lol. Can't wait to hear more. I LOVE your blog, you are sooooo talented and have great stories to boot. You have just sucked me in totally and completely.

Simeon's . . . Turning the Corner said...


Bishop Rick said...

Greetings from Paris - actually EuroDisney, but close enough.

Judging from the time of LB's post, I'm not sure she has the right to tell anyone to go to bed.

Loved the JS/IM post.

aka madre said...

Your Mommy says...Go to bed!

And I mean it!

Love you...aka madre

Genilimaa said...

I miss you, SML! Two days at my new job and I already miss you.

Rebecca said...

Yay for commissions! Yay for past midnight! Yay for coffee! What do you mean you didn't mention coffee? Why not?