March 27, 2007

A nice lunch

Well, that was anticlimactic. If I had thought it through just a little bit, I could have predicted lunch would go the way it did. Lunch with PP and our new friend was too short to get into any discussions past the basic getting-to-know-you stuff. We had a great time, and plan to do it again soon. That should open up the dialogue for the deep stuff.

I'm kind of glad we got to know each other a bit first. Just jumping right into the religious discussion would have been strange without knowing a little about the new friend more. I'll call her CCC (short for Campus Crusade for Christ). She's very nice, and spent two years in Venezuela so we talked about living abroad, and languages, and how we feel that languages should be taught in the US like they do it in Europe, to encourage Americans to be more broad-minded and open to other cultures.

We discussed PP's favorite place she ever visited: Israel, and her visit to the tomb where Jesus was placed after he was crucified. That was the closest we came to religious discourse. Oh, and we talked more about PP's visits with the hypnotist for pain therapy, and how it works. PP asked if I still get migraines, and I said my headaches have dramatically subsided since I left the church. She said that must be because I have less stress, not because of the church. I said, "I have a LOT LESS stress now that I'm out, yes." **hehehe**

Then I had to go. I have no doubt that if I had longer than an hour lunch, we would have talked for hours. It was fun, and I look forward to the next lunch with them. I'll report back when it starts getting interesting.


belaja said...

She said that must be because I have less stress, not because of the church. I said, "I have a LOT LESS stress now that I'm out, yes." **hehehe**

Well actually, Lisa, you know the *real* reason for that. When I was on my final weeks and months of activity it was getting to be more and more and more of a battle to go (and it had ALWAYS been a battle, so that's saying something.) I was going through this period of just feeling a free-floating anxiety, clenched teeth and stomach, nervousness, all the time. Then I stopped going and my anxiety levels plummetted to almost nothing.

I did go back occasionally and was talking to the bishop (with whom I had been fairly open about my feelings about church). His response was that that was just < insert RTC voice here > SATAN! < /RTC voice >.

Yes, he said that Satan was working really hard on me when I came to get me to stay away and that when I did stay away he eased up so that I would feel better and *erroneously* believe that it was the church that was causing my stress.

Luckily I was far enough gone by then to sight that in as the complete tool-talk that it was...

So, you know, maybe those migraines are just Satan following you around and banging on your head with his invisible hammer and tongs!

(Can't wait for the next installment of this!)

Just one of many said...

You didn't mention the food! At least if the conversation sucked, I hope the food was delicious to the taste! :)

Lemon Blossom said...

Yay, I'm glad to hear you had a nice lunch. I don't envy the next one, though. Maybe that's because I am not up to talking church with TBMs yet. :)

Cele said...

I love the position you are taking on this, bring the different sides together then watch the melee from the sidelines.