September 15, 2007

Ten Jobs I do NOT Want

Tagged by Natalie Collins to list ten jobs I'd hate to have.

1. Movie theater clerk
See my thoughts on this here.

2. Ride operator at an amusement park
Hot weather wipes me out. Screaming kids don't appeal to me in the slightest. I won't even mention my aversion to puke as that seems obvious.

3. Ski patrol
I don't care for skiing OR cold weather, although it is cozy and nice in a ski I'd work there. Or play there. *Ahem*

4. Lifeguard
Sun. Hates. Me. Oh, and the swimming thing is an issue, sadly. And the being-seen-in-a-swimsuit thing too.

5. Person who gives bikini waxes
I saw this video and although it was interesting, I know I could never be one who inflicts that kind of pain on others.

6. Dog pound employee
Three years ago when we decided to find a smaller dog to buy for our kids for Christmas, I began checking the dog pound every day. There is no more depressing place. Small cages, sad dog eyes, incessant barking and whining. Bad smells. Death for the unwanted. Ugh.

7. Accountant
I know, I do books, payroll, and cost-tracking for a living. But doing deeply detailed analyses and taxes for a living sounds like migraine-every-day stuff to me.

8. Butcher/Meat Cutter
Cold conditions, bad smells, greasy floors, nasty smells, bloody meat, freezing cold freezers, horrible smells, and a lot of frigid temperatures.

9. Roofer
Working on a rooftop in the extreme heat is not my idea of fun. I'd faint and fall off the roof in a beautifully non-graceful display of heat stroke perfection.

10. Oncologist
I know they have great job security, but how horrible would it be to treat only cancer patients all day? That would be depressing as hell for someone like me.


aka madre said...

Wow! Good choices! I often thought being a paleontologist would stink, too. Who in their right mind, would want to go out to the desert in the dirt and heat-pounding on rocks all day with a hammer? Then, when you find something, you get to brush the "thing" off for hrs with a toothbrush or paintbrush until you can decipher what that little tooth is. Always thought I'd hate that, frankly! Love ya...aka

Cele said...

Excellent choices and I can pretty much agree with you on them all. We roofed our own house about five years ago, needless to say it's a 25 year roof and by then I will be too old to do it again. But I am glad to say have done it.

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Great list, SML.

I totally get the movie theater thing. And oncology. My neice worked in pediatric oncology; she only lasted 6 months. Sad sad sad.

love ya babe


Sideon said...

**grin** You rock hard.

I missed Natalie's original tag. Thanks for the prompt!

Already Gone said...

I would sooo hate to be a proctologist!! Oh, and a sewer worker...roaches& rats!!! EEWWEE!