September 5, 2007

random randomness

I wish I were here vs. at work right now.

I'm about to begin my hell week as soon as I publish this post. Ugh.

I want to welcome HM-UK to our Paris plans! Glad you're able to be there too!

I have found myself lately being conscious of people who eat alone at restaurants. I feel compassion for them and I don't know why. There's just something about someone stopping to sit and eat in order to sustain life. Watching a stranger chewing his food fills me with such compassion and I don't know why. Anyone else feel this?

We finally got a cold front that moved in to relieve us of the hot weather. Sweet bliss! This is my kind of cool.

My computer at work keeps giving me warning messages about the hard drive needing to be backed up and the help desk called. I ordered a new computer yesterday. Transferring all my data and stuff is gonna be a pain in the ass. But hopefully I can do it when I say I'm good and ready, and not because my hard drive crashed on me. The idea of my computer crashing gives me hives ~ it's a bookkeeper's nightmare.

For some reason I haven't created art in a year (except that one ceramic plate I painted and posted here). I can feel the creative artist in me getting pissed at this, and need to get my paper and drawing board out again. Perhaps the creative writer inside is trying to dominate things??

No, I do not have multiple personality disorder. Do too! Do not! Then who am I? Shut UP ~ I'M the one in charge here! Go away!

I really want to tell my host sister from Austria that I'll be close to her in Paris in November...but that would mean inviting her and admitting that I've left the LDS church, because those of us going are exmos. And I know that if she knows I'm in Europe and haven't made plans to see her, she'll be hurt. Or if I tell her I've gone after the fact, she'll be hurt. All this after I already hurt her terribly. That story is for another post or three.

I need to start walking more to prepare for the walking in Paris. I'm pretty out of shape, and don't want to be the one in the group who's constantly gulping for air and complaining that I think I just died.

The plants in my office are horrendous. I don't have a green thumb, obviously. I refuse to post pictures and risk losing your respect and esteem. Part of it is the cleaning people's fault. They spray chemicals on the desk which leave my leaves spotted and awful. Mostly it's me and my inability to remember when it's time to water.

Leaving our dachsund alone while we go to work and school is very difficult. Oh, those sad eyes from this morning are haunting me! He needs a friend. Honey?

I love that I could wear jeans and flip flops to work today. Makes me happy.

I've put off that pile next to me long enough. If you don't hear from me by next Tuesday, you'll know I didn't make it and the pile won.


Eric said...

Is that a picture of a crazy (possibly illegal)plant field? Your post today left me feeling slightly disconnected from my own thought process. Much like I would "imagine" it would feel like when you've dabbled in those plants. Ha!

Yes, sometimes when I watch people eat, I feel like crying. Sometimes when I hear people eat I feel like killing. Who knows where these emotions come from? Maybe some lingering caveman survival instincts? That might explain you love of medium rare to rare meats?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Hi Eric! I don't know if you can attribute your disconnect to the corn rows in my pic, but never know!

You crack me up with your thoughts of murder when hearing someone chew. How many times did I see that gleam of rage in your eye while innocently eating a carrot??

Hehehe. You're soooo scary, Captain Caveman.

dartman113 said...

Hey Eric ~ You mean to tell me you don't like it when people "smack"! when they chew!

No friends for dog - He cowers when an ant comes near. He'd die if we had another dog. (so would I)

Cele said...

I have to quit eating when someone
1) chews with their mouth open
2) sucks up their food with slurpy sounds
3) talks with food in their mouth
4) grunts.

I've not thought of murder yet, but I have thought that if I eat around my boss often enough it could be called a diet.

Bishop Rick said...

I wasn't going to post...just read comments and dash, but my word verification was too good not to post it.

tiithjx - pronounced tit hyjinx

Not that I know anything about that kinda thing.

Sideon said...

I can't deal with eating noises. A woman at work chomps her carrots and she sounds like a full farm, all by herself. Another co-worker chews so loudly I can hear him from the other side of the room. When ANOTHER co-worker is using her not-inside-voice to answer her cell phone and take personal calls at work, it makes for an interesting din. I totally get the term "going postal."

Oh - slurping soup? I will drop everything and leave the room. I might projectile vomit along the way, too.

montchan (MJ Bliss) said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating at a restaurant alone. Sometimes, when considering the available company, I actually prefer it.

And eating noises? Well, just bring earplugs. That's all I'm sayin'.

Lisa said...

I can relate to the overwhelming feelings that sometimes occur during random observations of humanity. As for eating alone, it is nearly as divine as going to a movie alone--such freedom!

Lisa said...

Oh, and my word verification was barsl, which could only be barslut.
I'm imagining a shouted insult, cut off mid-word by the recipient slapping the name caller--
"Bar sl--!"


(and I saw "tithing" in Bishop Rick's

Eric said...

The emotion of wanting to cry when I see someone eat alone really is a visceral emotion much like the "sounds" of eating make me frustrated. It has little to do with me feeling sorry for the person, but I think it has more to do with the humanity of the person. I have no idea why seeing them "eat" does this.

About once a year I'll see other things like this. Once I was sitting in my car at the bank, which is in Target's parking lot. In front of me were walking an old man and two very excited children holding easter baskets and sporting high water pants. The older sister said "What did you get bobby?" "Wow! I got TONS of stuff, do you want anything of mine, we can trade?" he replied. They were SO excited & it hit me hard because Easter had passed 2 weeks prior. These were obviously the discount baskets. The old man and kids looked so happy walking home. Took me 10 minutes before I could walk back into work. Again, not a "pity" thing. I'm simply a boob when I'm moved I guess.

As for my word verification: ykybi
I think that's simply shallow. I'm not sure why blogger would even say yucky bi. I know a few and they aren't yucky at all. Maybe greedy or easily pleased, but I wouldn't call them yucky. :)

Jazzy said...

Well Lisa, maybe the creative artist juices in you will come to life the end of October when we come home!!

Nice picture by the way! Reminds me of home!

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Whenever something like that evokes a strong emotion in me, I tend to look at myself first. So I guess you could ask yourself--do I feel utterly alone in this world, or am I just lonely? Because the person eating alone? They are just a mirror, a representation of your personal dream.

my 2.


Nom de Cypher said...

Lisa will remember that I have spent a good 5 years or so living in various hotels and eating in restaurants. You can trust me on this one, eating alone is not all that sad. When I first started that life, I made an effort to eat with friends or customers or get take out, but I finally discovered that I was doing this because of appearances, rather than comfort. Then I started eating alone all the time. As Montchan said, sometimes the alternative company ain't that great.

And sushi chefs will dote on you if you are alone. Nothing wrong with that.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

For the record, guys, my compassion stems not from them being ALONE, but rather from their act of chewing. Eric will vouch for this. I have felt it for my dad as he sat there chewing at the dinner table on a day I remember vividly where I hated his guts, but was filled with compassion for him as he chewed.

I have no idea why.

ja said...

'Mastication sympathy'? I think that's a first, SML. LOLOL!

mart said...

Glad you liked the photos of Tanger! They were taken on a Nokia N73. Please go ahead and use them for painting. If you want any at higher resolution I can send them x


Bishop Rick said...

I'm trying to locate an outline. Has anyone seen one?