September 23, 2007

In my fortune cookie tonight...

You will soon find a treasure.

Sounds promising.


Already Gone said...

Sounds like your fortune cookie was meant for you a couple of days ago when you got your passport!! Maybe it means extra money to spend on you trip. Either way, you are already fortunate!!

malkie said...

You know, of course, that every fortune cookie fortune is incomplete?!?

To get the full message, add "in bed" to the end.

hm-uk said...

Which is good, of course, unless you have a cat and then a treasure in your bed is a bit gross...or dead.

CV Rick said...

After growing up Mormon, all those "hidden treasure" references which always go back to wealth if you pay your tithing kind of make me queasy. Treasure is so metaphorical - finding yourself, discovering friendship, learning valuable lessons . . . this is a fortune you can't possible deny at a later date.

I'd just ask the fortune cookie gods for cash .. . cold hard, lottery winnings. Yeah, that's the ticket.

JulieAnn Henneman said...

Only you could make a post this short interesting, SML. Only you!


Oh and funny word verification for the day: bjahpms

Yes, be me and PMS, good idea...NOT!

Cele said...

Why are my fortune cookies never as interesting?

Anonymous said...

Avoid picking your nose at all costs!

Steebie Weebie

Eric said...

Ha Ha Steebie Weebie!

My fortune 2 days ago was "Ask Your Mother". Sounded like sound advice to me.
But then I read Malkie's comment about all the incomplete fortunes. Now I feel THERAPY might be my new fortune.

Sideon said...

cf Depeche Mode's "Pleasure, Little Treasure"

Holler if you want the mp3 ;)

An Enlightened Fairy said...

Sounds good to me! ;) Send some my way, SML.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

AG ~ perhaps. I wasn't imagining it meant money treasure, but yeah, that's always nice!

Malkie ~ That's funny.

HM-UK ~ That's even funnier!

CV Rick ~ nice pun.

JA ~ you make me blush. Heady praise coming from a great writer like you.

Cele ~ see Malkie's comment. I think you'll find a new interest in fortune cookies!

Steebie Weebie and Eric ~ you two are hilarious. When we gonna schedule a family reunion for just us sibs and have some good times?? Your comments here make me homesick for you both something fierce!

Sid ~ I'm always open to receiving new music from you!

EF ~ if I win that lottery, you know I'LL be heading your way. Oh yeah!

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Hey SML: Email me the numbers off the back of your fortune and I'll play them as Powerball tomorrow. Your numbers and my two bucks... Would a 50/50 split of $61 million work? (Actually, I'd be happy with just a 10% cut of that.) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Um... Lisa...


I just discovered your blog while doing a Google search on Mormonism (my best friend is a blindly-believing Mormon), and I just used up 90 min of work time reading it!

Your decision to stand up for yourself and live for truth instead of being a blind follower is so admirable.

I'll be adding your blog to my favorites.

Jen in Minnesota

girlsnap said...

Treasure! OOOOH! How thrilling! Lets hope it starts with "man" and ends with "meat".

kristi said...

Im still looking for that fortune cookie that says, "A hard man is good to find."