April 3, 2008

Busy, I mean REALLY busy.

I know I've said I was busy before, but this latest absence from my blog is really legitimate! I've been super swamped at work lately, and also have had no internet at home right now, and won't until later next week.

I'm feeling spring right now, and I'm loving the birds returning and the tulips coming out of the ground, and the warmer weather (such that it is). Soccer travels begin this weekend too, which is always fun. Montana is beautiful.

:) Happy Thursday. I'll post more quality stuff this weekend, hopefully.


Cele said...

You have been sorely missed. I was contemplating dragging you into Talk Thursday just so we could read your beautiful words.

lostinutah said...

Glad you gave a quick update!

Montana is beautiful in the spring, but I haven't been there in ages.

mark said...

You must have had a busy weekend too. Sometimes "busy" can be good.

Becca said...

miss you