April 9, 2008

Update on Eyelash Curler Suckitude

I'm a genius.

After dipping my hand in icewater for ten minutes in an attempt to shrink my fingers so they'd fit in my new eyelash curler, and curling my eyelashes slowly and carefully....I had an epiphany.

I took the new Cover Girl rubber filler and put it in my old Maybelline eyelash curler.

Et viola!

Why the serious hell didn't I think of it before??


Melliferous Pants said...

Guess it took punishing your hand with ice water, eh? :-)

lostinutah said...

Shhh..don't tell either company or they'll change the design to thwart you!

wry said...

Two things:

First, you wrote "eh viola!" and unless you're exclaiming about someone's musical instrument, that's a funny little transposition. Tee.

Second, two words which you must now remember FOREVER: Shu Uemura. The best. eyelash. curler. ever. There's a lot of longterm hype around this product, but here's why: IT COMPLETELY ROCKS.


Give it a try, you'll never go back.

wry said...

And I just said "eh" viola instead of "et" viola. LOL.


mark said...

Now that's what I call using your head like the woodpecker. You are just like MacGyver.
ps You may have to Google "MacGyver." You may be too young to remember him.

izzybella said...

Just found your blog. Left the church about two years ago and never once thought about trying to find support online. I wish I'd discovered your blog back then. I kept reading posts going, "yeah!! me, too!!!!!!" Thanks for sharing all that. I'm sure you have helped many people.

Oh, and also joy on the eyelash curler! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, three words for you:

Lash. Curling. Mascara.

Then the only thing you have to worry about is poking your eye out with the wand.

Love the blog.