April 8, 2008


Seriously. I bought a new eyelash curler, Cover Girl brand this time, because Maybelline (the one I've had for years) switched from having the white refills to black, rubbery refills that have a rounded edge vs. a flat one. The strange part of the black refill is, you can be using the curler every day just fine, then the next day the black rubber refill won't stay put and pops out all over the place so you can't curl your eyelashes due to the black thing popping out at the last second right into your eye.

So unacceptable. Especially when you're used to curling your eyelashes while driving the kids to school.

The sucky thing about the Cover Girl eyelash curler is this: they designed the curler to fit the hands of a four year old. I can barely get my two fingertips into the holes of the handle, so curling my eyelashes is tricky at best. I can't imagine any adult wielding that curler comfortably, the design is that bad.

And yet...it does have the soft refill with a flat edge, so my eyelashes look good, at least. That counts for something, I suppose. I just hope that I don't have an accident where my fingertip slips off the edge of the tiny handle while I'm curling and I end up ripping out all my lashes.


Cele said...

I have never used an eyelash curler, I always thought they looked like something Torquemada would have used back during the Spanish Inquistion.

Having gone to "beauty school", but not a practicing Cosmetologist, I wax my own eyebrows and cut my own hair. The hair turns out fairly decent (this month it's an inverted bob.) The waxing on the other hand, well I often remove more than I had intended. But only on one eyebrow, and not while I'm driving.

Melliferous Pants said...

Eyelash curlers kick ass but you're right about the child size Cover Girl thing.

MattMan said...

"Especially when you're used to curling your eyelashes while driving the kids to school."

Oh no, SML, say it isn't so?! You're really not one of *those*, are you? ;)

LG said...

I have to be honest here - eyelash curlers give me the willies. I don't use one, but despite that I still have the fear of experiencing a sudden spasm in my hand/arm while using one that causes me to pull all the eyelashes from my eyelid.

Clearly, I have issues.

lostinutah said...

Just be careful while you're driving - "you'll put your eye out with that thing!"

Anonymous said...

Funniest god.damn.thing I've read all day :)

**snorting and laughing**

**still snorting**



Tony said...

from one sis to another....This entire post makes me laugh hard. SOOOOO TRUUUUUE. These gadgets are absolutely essential to us straight-lashed-gals but seriously a pain in the ASS!!

Katie said...

OMG too funny! You know what my solution was? They break faster, but if you get the plastic one's from avon, they kick some major eyelash booty and you don't even have to fit your fingers into the little holes!

Holly said...

my sister ripped out all her eyelashes with an eyelash curler--on the day pictures were taken, in 7th grade. My god. She cried and cried and cried, because she was afraid she'd look funny in her school photo. She did look funny, from how swollen and red her eyes were.

The lashes grew back, eventually. But when it first happened, it was terrible. I was talking to her when she did it--she was startled by something and just ripped them out, and then she just started howling, from pain and dread of the photos. It's been 30 years but I still remember the trauma of that day. I'm glad you found a solution that makes it less likely that that will happen to you.

there's also a psychological disorder where you have a compulsion to rip out all your eyelashes and eyebrows, one hair at a time. One of my students has it--she wrote a really interesting but creepy essay about it.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Cele, if you had camel eyelashes like mine, you'd know that mascara isn't even applicable if you don't first curl your eyelashes. Sucks, truly. And with blondishly clear lashes, both are necessary.

Pants, I'm always right. Heh.

Mattman, indeed, it's so.

LG, your issues are fine by me.

Lostinutah, Sid, LOL.

Tony, heh. Remember when someone ran into Mom with the bathroom door, causing her to pull out all her lashes while curling them?? Oh, that was a bad day.

Kate, "eyelash booty" made me LOL.

Holly, I know that trauma (see comment above about my mom having that happen to her). So not fun. It'd be a disaster. Poor sister! And in 7th grade these things can seem like life or death.