October 2, 2007

every dachshund owner's nightmare

A couple weeks ago I was playing with my beloved wiener dog ~ I threw his toy into the dining room and he ran to get it, jumping over the step because the dining room is eight inches lower than the living room where I threw the toy from. When he got to the toy, he began crying in this horrid yelp that sounded like he'd swallowed a squeaker.

We knew he had hurt his back again.

He cried a lot that night, and this was worse than the other two times his back was hurt. I barely slept, and kept hearing his cries and would go to him and give him loves while he shook and whined. The next morning we took him to the vet.

I carried him inside wrapped in his blanket, and they took him with his blanket to check on him. Within a minute, the vet came back and said she was keeping him over the weekend, to restrict his movement and prevent further injury. I felt bereft, like I didn't get to say goodbye! This is not like me, and I shocked myself even further by saying to her, "Would it help Chewie if I brought him a stuffed animal from home?"

In looking back, I seriously can't believe 1. that I'd say such a thing, or 2. that she held a straight face as she replied, "I'm sure his blankie is enough."

We were able to bring him home on Tuesday after four nights of his being away. He had obviously been in a small cage ~ probably made of chain link fencing because his nose had a big sliced scab on the top near where his facial hair meets his nose. This week that scab fell off and now there's a big pink smooth spot where black nose should be. I hope he's not scarred for life. Either way, he's gorgeous to me.

He's been on Prednesone to reduce swelling in his joints/vertebrae. This (or his trauma at having been in a small cage for days on end) has created an unfortunate side effect. Three days ago, he peed on the living room carpet. Yesterday, my husband got home from work to find he had pooed on the carpet too. Last night, after my son's soccer game and dinner out, my husband got home first, and when we walked in, we found that while Dartman was busy, Chewie had pooed again. This morning, I saw that he had jumped up on the back of our couch (which we had failed to rig with cushions standing straight up to prevent his jumping up there) and peed into the back cushion where it had run down into the seat cushion too. Three times this week he's gotten into garbages he never touches and shredded kleenex and other stuff all over.

That had better be the last incident. This sucks. Oh, but his back seems to be much better, thank Jeebus.


Becca said...

In looking back, I seriously can't believe 1. that I'd say such a thing, or 2. that she held a straight face as she replied, "I'm sure his blankie is enough."

Animals find a way into your heart and you find yourself thinking, saying and doing things you never thought possible. The first time my mother saw me kissing my dog (on the lips no less) she laughed out loud...I was terrified of dogs as a child and dispised them into my late 20s, then one wheedled his way in to my heart and now I live with two of the world's most spoiled canines.

wry catcher said...

Them steroids appear to be making your wee fellow an anti-social hooligan. Hopefully it's temporary. :-D

Actually, I didn't blink an eye at the stuffed animal question - our dogs never go to the vet or the kennel without their favorite blankie or stuffed toy or whatever. Meh - they're our kids - sue me.

CV Rick said...

They're so smart . . . and the smaller dogs know how to hold a grudge, and exact revenge. Hopefully it's "out of his system" so as to speak.

His poor back. Terrible injury.

Bishop Rick said...

Time to call the Dog Whisperer. Dogs act out when they are not getting enough attention. What normally is enough attention isn't right now. He needs extra attention to get him thru this phase.

Trust me....SSSSS

Sister Mary Lisa said...


Called the vet today who said Prednesone makes dogs way thirsty and hungrier too. So he's been eating more and drinking more and not telling us he's desperate to go until it's too late.

I love my dog.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

I don't think it's odd at all that you would ask if you should bring him his favorite toy. Pets (and especially dogs) work their way into our hearts and prevent from becoming bitter, angry, selfish people. Aside from God, nothing will ever love you as unconditionally as a dog (assuming you believe God is capable of unconditional love. Otherwise, it's just the dog.)

I'll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for your little guy. We've been through the same with my parents' dachshund. Never easy, but he always manages to bounce back.


Already Gone said...

My dachshund is a total doll! She has a thyroid disorder and has beginning back problems! Love and bonding! My DH would fall apart if she got ill. This is from the man who never wanted a pet! BEST wishes!!!!

hm-uk said...

Poor little Chewie! I hope he is on the mend. Here's a kiss on the lips for him--xx

An Enlightened Fairy said...

My dog sends Chewie hugs and licks.
Keep is posted on the lil' guy.

wry catcher said...

Heh...Tewkesy said:

Pets (and especially dogs) work their way into our hearts and prevent from becoming bitter, angry, selfish people.

What say you, Tewkesy? SML? I have THREE loving pets and they've apparently been doing sweet fuck all to prevent my bitter, angry selfishness. That's it; they're not getting any more treats until I'm a better person.

Cele said...

I have a Bassett and he's wonderful, loving, faithful - retalitory pisser. I think your Chewie is holding a grudge aided by steriods. He'll get over it.

Sideon said...

Midas sends you and THAT CUTEST DOG OF YOURS big hugs.

kitten said...

Ohhhh Your poor baby! He's beautiful! Prednisone is one of those medicines (btw all steroids generally do this)that will make your dog ferociously hungry and also a "Little Miss Mary Quite Contrary". Not funny to witness. I know what you mean about the little ones worming their way into your heart. I didn't think I'd fall so head over heels in love with Tiger since he is so standoffish, but I did and he lubs me back. Now I have a foster that I want to adopt (see video on my blog) and I got the call this morning that she may be leaving to go to her forever home. I just want to weep.

JulieAnn Henneman said...

My cat's name is Chewie.

Sorry about your puppy honey...:(

montchan (MJ Bliss) said...

Oh, your poor baby!

Jazzy said...

Give Chewie hugs and kisses from us! I am glad that he is feeling better. It is never fun when your animal is not feeling well.

Taiko Tari said...

Hope Chewie feels better soon!
Hey, ever read that book "Marley and Me"? It's a memoir of a journalist and his dog. A beautiful book.

Thayne Forbes said...

Yes they do find their way into your heart, and in the most insidious ways. In my case, when I wasn't even aware. If you dare, read my blog entry about losing my dog, and blubbering about it in front of cops.
Mumble mumble grumble.
Wasn't even MY dog.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Lisa: How is Chewie?

Wry: I think St. G and D have worked their way into your heart more than you think. They just look like they love The Boy more because they're home with him all day. Besides, ask yourself this: which would you be sadder about losing? St. G and/or D or the Kittster?