October 9, 2007

Hell Week

A few quick thoughts then back to the grindstone for me, since I'm in billing hell right now...

**Chewie is doing much better (thanks to all who asked). He's been jumping up on the couch and chasing his tail and wanting to play again, which means he's feeling better. I wish I knew how to train him to not jump on and off the couch. He's gonna hurt himself again. I love his little self.

**I'm drinking a caramel latte this morning and I do believe it saved my life.

**Fall is here, and a few weekends ago we drove to a town a few hours away, and I forgot my camera. I was so bummed, because the black walnut trees, the aspens, and the red shrubs on the mountains were just gorgeous. The cottonwoods are most prevalent and they are changing color now too. Gorgeous.

**The other morning it was raining and my daughter ran into my bedroom to inform me it was SNOWING! So she opened my blinds and we laid in my bed and watched the large flakes magically falling in slow motion, to melt on the green grass in the rain. It was beautiful. I love rainy days, and snow is beautiful every time I see it while warmly wrapped in my comforter with my daughter snuggled close.

**I have a couple of good blog posts brewing...I hope to get to that soon. Sorry I've been lax in writing more in my blog. It happens sometimes.

**I'm afraid to read or listen to the talk from General Conference by the token female speaker, who apparently spoke on the wifely duties of women that apparently were ripped straight out of the 1950s. I can't wait to sink my feminist teeth into that one.

OK, I gotta get my ass back to work.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the new posts! And isn't fall lovely? We've still been waiting for the first snowfall here in Minnesota. Not even a flurry yet, but lots of rain. And I'm so glad Chewie is doing better.

Jen in Minnesota

Cele said...

Jazzy had told me it was snowing there and I just looked out the window to my rain and sighed. Don't get me wrong, I love Oregon rain, but to see peaceful, quite snow falling on a day you are bundled in a comforter next to the wood stove. That is heaven.

lostinutah said...

Glad to hear the pooch is better.

Oddly enough for a non TBM or even a M, I watched a bit of the general conference. But I escaped watching the Molly Mormon from hell. Reeesh. That gal deserves a brimston point if anyone does.

Taiko Tari said...

we miss SML's posts. we do. we really really do. really.

Bishop Rick said...

So remind me of the last non-vacation week that hasn't been hell week for you!?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

BR ~

What exactly are you saying?? You think I complain too much that everything's hellish? Or are you saying I don't post often enough?

If it's the second...go look at your own blog. :)

Nom de Cypher said...

Whatever else you do, do NOT read the link below. It will make your head asplode.


Bishop Rick said...

What I'm saying is that my observations lean towards you having a tough job that you mask with only occasional hell week proclamations. I think you are swamped a lot more than you let on.

Now what are you saying about my blog?
I posted last month...er...the month before that...ok July.

No one reads my blog anyway.

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Naw, BR. My work is fairly consistent and not so bad the other three weeks out of the month. Of course, now that I've got a month until Paris, I'll be more busy preparing for the time off.

It's so gonna be worth it!

And people do too read your blog.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Snow???? I am so jealous!

MattMan said...

Regarding the trainig of chewie... as you know, pet training involves either aversion training (making an unwanted behavior unpleasant enough to get them to stop) or reward training (making wanted behavior pleasant enough to want to do).

In this case, aversion training is needed. I would suggest the following... Keep a water spray bottle handy around the couch and when you catch Chewie jumping up on the couch, give a good shot or 3 of cold water right on the nose. It won't really hurt Chewie, but will be unpleasant enough that hopefully after just a few incidents like this, the jumping will stop. You know Chewie best, so you may need to come up with your own idea of something that'll be quite unpleasant, yet not actually hurt.

**verification word is "wraudnut" -- that one's for Sideon. lol

girlsnap said...

Mmmmm.... pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.

Sinful. Delicious.