October 21, 2007

Unconditional Love

I'm sitting here reading blogs and I look over at my dachshund who is snuggled up beside me, sleeping soundly in a warm bundle of love. His breathing is even, and his eyes are closed all the way. He is content. I love how his little paws are tucked up between his belly and my thigh.

If I were to stand up right now, he'd stand up, shake his head fast to make his ears flap against his head, and follow me to where I'm headed. He follows me everywhere. No matter where I've been, he lets me know how happy he is to see me again. When I wake up in the morning, he's there with tail wagging, his little body wriggling in happiness as he rolls over to give me his belly to rub. If Dartman gets up before me, Chewie comes into my bedroom and jumps up on my bed to kiss me once on the nose and snuggle up beside me with a sigh.

When I ask him if he's hungry, and he sees me walk to his food container, he starts running circles and chasing his tail all the way to his dish in pure happiness that I'm feeding him. He's so cute when he does this.

When I walk in the door after work, he's just as excited to see me as he is when I leave for ten minutes and return. He's such a lover. Right now I rub his strong shoulders and feel his warmth and I'm filled with such love for him. I feel the silky softness of his ears and I want to hold him forever.

He shows me what unconditional love is.


Cele said...

everyone should be owned by a dog. I'm glad Chewie is feeling much better.

Sideon said...

Midas says "woof" to Chewie, though I'm not sure what it means. I'm just the messenger.

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

I think I'm falling in love with a guy named Chewie. Sigh.

CV Rick said...

what a coincidence . . . tomorrow my blog post is going to be told from the point of view of my dog, Sarge.

This is a very insightful post, it's sometimes great to figure out what motivates our dogs and simplify ourselves to their standards. It makes life more pleasant.

wry catcher said...

*Sniffle* I love my dogs, and now I love Chewie, too.