February 9, 2007


I've had some ideas floating in my mind for blog posts...I decided to list them and you can vote on which you'd like me to write about the most:

1. Thoughts on my patriarchal blessing and doing genealogy
2. Why I went to prom with my girlfriend and two special-ed kids
3. My first crush in high school and how I handled it
4. My most embarrassing moment as a majorette in high school
5. My theory on people who work the snack counters in movie theaters
6. Post more images of my finished artwork
7. Why T.Wanker needs more heterosexual males commenting on his blog

I could maybe think up more, but already I've taxed myself. This is enough for now. Feel free to tell me what you'd like most to hear about, if any.


montchan said...

T. Wanker, artwork and the snack counter people!!!

Robert@iScatterlings.com said...

T Wanker - wot a wanker! I don't like his site. Why? It's just gratuitous sleeze.

Robert@iScatterlings.com said...

Oh yeah, drop item 7 from your list of stuff to blog about. The less said about TW the better.

Beulah said...

I want to hear about #1! (They all sound interesting though! LOL!)

Genilimaa said...

Number 5 I've got to hear. Yes, got to!
Number 6 is a definite yes.

C.L. Hanson said...

All of the above!!!

Plus for #7 I'd like to request some additional spurious speculations as to why robert doesn't like our bud Wank... ;-)

wry catccher said...

I like 'em all...with a weird affinity for #3.

belaja said...

Well, I like all of these and would read any of them assiduously, but I vote for number seven just to be a contrarian to Robert. (mwah-hahahahaha)

bel said...

And because I like T. Wanker's site. (nyah-nyah)

JMK said...

We can only pick one?! No fair, 'cause they're all good.

Okay... okay... How about #2, #5, and #6.

montchan said...

Shut up Rob!!!! You're just jealous! mwahahahahaha!!!!

Rachel said...

The snack counter people, marjorette and first crush!!!

Also said...

I read your blog for the post-mormonism therapy it provides. I'm here for the "war" stories.

Me said...

Hey. It's me - Pokerspice. You have to visit me on my new blog:


I suffered withdrawals, and I miss your comments. I'm working on a new mormon-recovery blog as well. I haven't had time to actually say anything on it, lol.

My vote is SO for #1. I've been thinking about SO much of that myself lately. I have a lot that I'd like to discuss about my patriarchal blessing, aka mormon fortune cookie.

I'm buried with school, so I'm lurking only in the shadows for the most part...

T. Wanker said...

Oh, SML,

You know what I want -- lol.

Number 4 (especially if there are pictures -- you know how I like gratuitous sleaze) and Number 3 (especially if you handled it well) and Number 6.

Until you do Number 7, I don't mind hanging with all the wonderful women and gay males on my blog, kind of feels like I'm in an episode of Sex in the City. The paucity of hetro males is curious.

Can't wait for the future.

Sideon said...

What about another "Dear SML"?

I may just have to shut the hell up and not post on Wanker's site. Gawd. Far be it for ME to start anything fun and trendy. Heterosexual males commenting on erotica? As if. He (Wanker) has his work cut out for him. I'll really refrain from commenting all the time. Or frequently. Or even anonymously.

As for Robert's "sleaze" comment - whatever lubes your shaft - I like that way of saying it better than the clich├ęd "different strokes..."

For the record, I'm writing, I'm a little "stuck" and I'm in a pisser.

I hope SML's Madre is not reading these comments, or at least this one in particular.

JulieAnn said...

You were a majorette? (snnnnicker)
hee hee hee

Sorry, I had to laugh at ya for a spell. And I CAN because I was a...well, okay, uh...a cheerleader.
BUT I only tried out in protest. Who would have thought that I would win?!

Thanks for all of your comments and for reading--I appreciate you.

mormonbradybunchdad said...

#2 especially!!!