June 15, 2007


This blog post is my first post written using MY NEW LAPTOP!!! I'm pretty excited that I did this for myself. This is the first time I've ever typed on a laptop (I can't count the one time I typed using Sideon's laptop...that was too embarrassing for words!!) ~ the slightly smaller keyboard takes some getting used to. But so far it's not half bad. I still need to figure some things out, like how to scroll down without using the arrows on the right of the screen, how to highlight groups of words, how to go to bed when it's almost 11:30 p.m. and the new laptop is too fun to put away!!! You know, the usual.

Tomorrow we head for Las Vegas, with a bit of a stop in Utah to visit family. We'll spend more time on our way back...I can't wait for the get-togethers I have scheduled with a bunch of ex-Mormon friends there. It's going to be fun, I think.

The last week at work has been horrendous as I prepared to take over a week off. I'm the only one who does what I do at my job, so my absence causes some issues. It'd be really nice to delegate some of my extra work, but since there is nobody else, I just have to suck it up and deal. Yeah. A huge thanks to my stepdaughter for filling in for me while I'm gone. Poor girl has to do a TON of filing I just never got time to do (I mean I just never MADE time to do)...but I suppose that will help the time go by more quickly for her. OK. I admit. I feel kind of guilty for leaving her with a totally crappy pile of paid invoices to file. Sorry, honey.

I'll be taking the laptop with me, so hopefully I'll find some free time to write more here...stay tuned!

**Edited to add: Guess who just found out how to scroll?? Oh yeah, I'm lovin' this!


ripzip said...

Yea for new laptops!! Have fun on your trip and don't forget my postcard!! :-)

CV Rick said...

Yeah! New Laptop. Congratulations!!

I love mine. Absolutely love it. Best purchase I made this past year.

But, of course, this means no excuses for not keeping your blog updated. ;-P

Cele said...

Oh way kewl Lisa, I too love my laptop and working out on my deck. So nice. But the little key board kills me...unless I stand up to type. But then my butt doesn't know what to do.

Taiko Tari said...

Oh, how fun!! New gadget!!!! Did you get a Mac or a Windows?
Very very cool. Look forward to reading more posts!

Floating in the Milk said...

How long are you staying in Las Vegas? I love that place so much.

And congrats on the laptop, it's always fun to have a new toy.

Sideon said...

I'm not sure why typing on my laptop was embarrassing...?

You saw me type. Sure, I type like the devil fiddlin', but I backspace more than anything :)

Congrats on your laptop!

Safe travels for you and your family.

Success Warrior said...

I don't think I could ever get used to the smaller keyboard. My wife wants one though and will probably enjoy the fact that I don't like it.

Bishop Rick said...

I have a docking station for my laptop, which allows you to add full size keyboard, mouse and monitor to it. So, I go back and forth between the two keyboards enough that I'm used to both now.

Now you just need a digital camara a webcam, and a DVD burner (maybe yours already has this) and you'll be set.

Bishop Rick said...

Why is that when I'm posting, I get this incredibly long and twisted word verification that is impossible to type, then the next one (that I don't use) is only 5 easy letters?

Molly The Mormon said...


I hope that laptop purchase doesn't cut into your son's mission fund.


Molly the Mormon

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Don't have much time to post comments like I'd like...just know that you guys crack me up.

Molly. I thought that sons were supposed to save THEIR OWN money for missions. Helps them earn Sunbeam Points. :)

belaja said...

Yay for new laptops! Welcome to the new laptop club (apparently there is one or else all these people are lyin.)

Don't forget my postcard either. I promise to check the mail.

Nom de Cypher said...

I hate to rain on any parades, but all y'all should get a ruler and measure your full size and laptop keyboards.

I have the same model that SML just bought (a Dell, btw) and my keyboards are nearly the same size.
Still, I agree about the docking station. It's more comfortable and if you can get your employer to buy one for the office AND home, then you really have something.

Yeah. I'm Lisa's hopeless geek friend.