January 25, 2007

My Rocking Horse Winner*

I asked my son this morning who he'd pick to win the Super Bowl this year.

"Pffft. The Colts." Said with a supreme look of hauteur and a little shake of his head that only teenagers can make, meaning DUH. How could you not KNOW this?

"So you're pretty confident in that, then?"

"If Peyton Manning does what he's supposed to do and is capable of, then yeah, they'll win."

So, for all of you who asked, put your money on the Colts. And don't forget to share your winnings with me, and I'll think about whether or not he should get the money.

*The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence


Sideon said...


How bad do I suck if I don't know who's in the Superbowl? That's the game that has Michael Jordan and basketballs and double-dribbles and travelling? Or is it the one with Tiger Woods and rods and balls and rabid gophers like in Caddyshack? Or is it the one where the ladies are covered in jello and they wrestle?

Really, I just know it's something that involves lots of food and drinking and great commercials.

Ahem. The only "Colt" that rings a bell is a adult-male studio of said name. Can you say nekkid, buff-a-rama, deeliciousness?

Cele said...

Oy, Ducky will be broke. He is both a Colts and a Bears fan. I told him to go with Peyton, but no he bet 20 on the Bears.

Jazzy said...

B would have a thing or two to say about the Colts winning I am sure. Peyton will have a tough time I think against the Bears defense.

JMK said...

The Colts, eh? Hm. Well, even if he'd said "The Bears," I'd still put my money on Peyton Manning and the Colts. I like cheering for the underdog.

from the ashes said...

Sideon said "Really, I just know it's something that involves lots of food and drinking and great commercials." Yep, that's about where I am with the Super Bowl. I come into the room _for_ the commercials, then pay little attention to the game.

My son is exceptionally good at picking the winning team. But he's young, so he chooses the "red team" or the "white team" or whatever. But he's remarkably accurate.

Except for when he's not. ;)

Ros said...

Project pee update:

Honey Smacks consumed for dinner (two bowls, just to make sure)

Now waiting for the results.

"said" Woman said...

As a Baltimore baby, my fury that the Colts knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs has yet to subside. Isn't that like Baltimore beating Baltimore any way? How can that be...

Cele said...

I had to let you know this.

I had told Ducky about your son's amazing ability to see through the hype and pick teams. Told him that this year's choice was the Colts (A team my husband really likes these day.) So what did Ducky do? He goes and places $20 on the Bears.

I am particularly liking this happy dance.