February 11, 2015

I Support the Wolferts Sisters

You may have noticed lately that I have been deeply concerned about the Wolferts girls and their situation. You're right. My focus has not wavered since late August, when I first became aware of the plight of two teen girls (now ages 15 and 14) who ran away as soon as they found out the juvenile court had failed to protect them from their abusive dad. In June, the girls tried, with the help of their 19 year old sister, Brittany Wolferts (left in the photo), to take their father to court for abuse and neglect. Their father, Brian Wolferts, used a technicality to avoid them in court, and convinced the court to delay their hearing. He has been fighting to avoid them ever since. In fact, he has been acting EXACTLY like a father guilty of abusing his daughters would act.

Read Brittany's blog to see exactly why. It is apparent to me that she is an abuse survivor, and that she is telling the truth about her abuser, Brian Wolferts.

Her sisters have been in hiding ever since running away on July 17th. Not once since that time has Brian Wolferts offered them safe asylum. Not once has Brian Wolferts moved the court to order his daughters a safe residence to resume their lives until they can have their voices heard in court. Why? Because it helps him to have them hiding and unable to discuss his abuse. If they are brainwashed and lying like Brian claims, he still seeks to have them returned to his house in Kansas where they feel so unsafe they have run away. In fact, the girls personally say they will run away again if forced to return to him.

A psychosexual examination in 2003 revealed that he posed a threat to his own daughters without supervised visitation. He was found to be sexually deviant. He has problems differentiating between ages when becoming aroused. He poses a threat to all girls, in my opinion, because he admitted in a polygraph test as reported by Dr. Harold Blakelock in his custody report that Brian is sexually attracted to children. That means Brian Wolferts is an ADMITTED PEDOPHILE. Not only that, he admitted to "a history of sexual contact with a child." Um....WHAT?!

Taylor Allred, DCFS investigator who found Brian to have abused Brittany in 2005, stated in his report "Brian admitted that during their first two years of marriage there were occasions when he punched and pushed Michelle. He also admitted to throwing Michelle when she was 7 months pregnant. Brian said he shoved her, causing her to fall."

If his three daughters are brainwashed and lying, as Brian Wolferts claims, why is he so afraid to face them in court, using every means possible to avoid them? Why isn't he pushing the court to get them into a home they feel safe so they can begin therapy and get back to school? If they are lying, why would he want them in his house another second? Every single action Brian has made, and every single thing an innocent father would do that Brian Wolferts has failed to do, should make you think twice. He is behaving exactly like an abusive pedophile might act upon being exposed for who he is.

I encourage all of you to donate to Brittany's legal fund. That is the girls' best chance to secure official safety from their abusive custodial father.

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