November 18, 2014


I see that my blog page views have spiked today, most of which originated from Facebook. This must mean someone is talking about Sister Mary Lisa! Thank you for your curiosity. Ask me anything you'd like in comments. If I have time, I will publish and respond to any that are sincere and respectful.

I am still intensely interested in finding a solution (like so many of you are) for how we can help the Wolferts girls get back to a life safe and free of abuse. I personally believe that the only way they can ensure safety for themselves is to take their case to court and try to get a new custody situation ordered by the court - one that is not the home of the father they say abuses them and their step-mom and toddler sister. The psychologist who they discussed their abuse with believes them, and knows their father, and has issued a statement that he agrees they should not be made to go back to their father's abusive house.

This type of court action will take money, especially when their father is avoiding facing them in court at every turn. Please help these girls by clicking HERE to reach their GoFundMe page. Thank you.

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