July 25, 2008


The other day, my son and his friend were talking about their plan to go to the S-P-A. I asked what the S-P-A was and J said, "Uh, the spa, Mom. Duh." I was surprised they wanted to go to a spa. They apparently want to go get a massage.

A few days ago, I picked them both up from work. They talked about it again, and J mentioned to K that he'd look up different places and try to find where massages are available and schedule it up. I suggested a couple of salons that offer massage. K joked about finding an Asian massage therapist, and I laughed and said, "Oh yeah, you can call Tokyo Sauna!" then I laughed hard, and K joked then about how they could get a sumo wrestler to give them a massage and the subject was changed.

I didn't think any more of it until the next night, when my son told me he had called different spas. "But, Mom, that Tokyo Sauna place won't give you a massage unless you're at least 25." I burst out laughing and could barely choke out the words, "YOU CALLED TOKYO SAUNA?!?! That's a place for NASTY MASSAGE AND SEX!! Didn't you KNOW THAT? I thought EVERYONE knew that! What did they SAY?!"

J's eyes got huge and he said that explained it. He said a woman with a very Asian accent answered the phone, "Tokyo Sauna." (This story is most hilarious when told by J with a female Asian accent). He asked if they do massage.

[suspicious Asian accent]"How old are you?"[/suspicious Asian accent]

He lied, because her voice was so suspicious, and told her he was 18 rather than 15. She said, "We only do massage if you are twenty-five or older! Stop calling here!!" He was bewildered why she'd yell at him like this.

I'm STILL laughing that he called Tokyo Sauna.


Anonymous said...

LMAO! Is it a wee bit comforting that your teenage son was naive about that?


KingM said...

Oh, that's very funny.

lostinutah said...


I indeed would find it comforting that my (in my case) 16 year old would be that naive. I sure hope he still is!

Melliferous Pants said...

Oh MY! That is hilarious!!

Anonymous said...


ah so funny. I'm a proud Tokyoite and I don't think Tokyo massage would be anything sensual, to be quite honest. Don't you have any Chinese massage place nearby? Now, THAT, would be exotic and 100 times more sensuous.

wry said...

I wonder why 25 is their magic age?

I'm cracking up that you referred your son to a "massage parlour"! :-D

Cele said...

Excellent story, I loved the "Stop calling here." Apparently young anglo males all sound alike.

mark said...

Pretty darn funny. In Montana you say? Ancient Chinese secret? Do you get a fortune cookie there? Perhaps some kind of "cookie." Too funny. I better quit while I am still a"head."

SuccessWarrior said...

You better teach him what a "happy ending" is, just in case.

"You want happy ending?"

"Uhhhh, sure."

Funny story.