July 1, 2008


All you need:

1. mini marshmallows
2. unscented candle
3. toothpicks
4. patience

S says the perfect roasted marshmallow happens when you light it on fire, blow it out, light the next side on fire, and blow it out until you are left with charred black gooey-ness. I say perfection happens when you patiently roast the marshmallow to a golden tan.



mark said...

Hey Girl. You need an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit in your back yard. Marshmallows must be toasted over a wood flame. Having just cut up a downed tree I would share it with you. Ya gotta like it when a guy who shows up at your door with wood. lol.

D.C. Confidential said...

ROFLMAO! That is hilarious! Now, if you go those little Teddy Grahams and shaved some chocolate up in a bowl, you could dip your marshmallow in that, then sandwich it between two TGs and have mini-smores!

Hm. I just might do that this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Let it burn. Twist the marshmellow while it is burning until the entire thing is on fire. Blow it out. Wait about 15 seconds and pop the entire thing in your mouth.

Blackened crispy outer shell, inner gooey center of deliciousness.

I never had the patience for the golden brown thing. As Carrie Fisher (sans the Leia buns), "Instant gratification take too long."

Unscented candle, eh?

Anonymous said...

**grin** I just read Mark's comment.

THAT is funny :)

I like DC's idea with the Teddy Grahams and shaved chocolate.

Okay - I won't hijack this thread any more.

Cele said...

I am totally with Sid on this one, charred gooey mess. Oh, yum. Seeing you mini-mello and candle makes me think i should try this with my woodstove sometime next winter. Well it could be later this summer the way the weather is going.

lostinutah said...


Becca said...

i gotta try this. you could use mini hershey bars and teddy grahams to make smores! (oh, someone already suggested that)

JJ said...

I agree with you! let it toast. but after many years of camping with extended family, they have taught me a new way to eat roasted marshmallo's.
roast the marshmallow till you can take off the top layer, when its ready to be taken off put a mini candy bar in the middle and eat. its gooey but amazing.

Pants said...

That's a lot of patience!!!

I like to roast marshmallows on the gas stove. Peeps are especially delicious when burnt, rotated how S like 'em!