June 25, 2008

Big Sky Country

I loves me some Montana sky. I remember missing the sky in Montana terribly the year I lived in Austria as I also did during my year at BYU.

Here is a really cool and funky cloud I photographed last week:

This is the cool cloud that rolled right over us at one of my daughter's recent softball games. We actually stopped play to sit in our cars for over half an hour while the storm cloud was overhead: thunder, lightning, and rain going strong until it blew beyond us. We resumed the game like diehards. Not sure that was necessary in the 9-10 age group, but the coaches have a different outlook, apparently.


Katie said...

I remember when you pulled me and A out of bed to come look at the northern lights. I would give and arm and a leg to revisit that moment with you now.

Cele said...

Oh mi gosh awesome clouds. I always thought I understood big sky from when I lived in Arizona. Then I went to Montana, wow, I stood in awe - amazement - wonder. Now I would just love to see those northern lights. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

D.C. Confidential said...

My dad served his mission in Montana and the one thing he consistently talks about is how beautiful and big the sky is in Montana. He's often said, if he could have made a living up there, that's where he'd live. And this from a guy who grew up in coastal California and thinks there's nothing better than redwoods and ocean!

Gorgeous pictures, Lisa!

mark said...

Very beautiful photos. I vacationed in Montana many years ago and I enjoyed the beauty of the Montana sky. Also there is nothing like a good thunder and lightning storm in Montana.

lostinutah said...

My Daddy grew up in Charlo (south of Kalispell). I love Montana, very much.

My intent is to move there soon, since it hasn't been taken over by a major population boom. Unlike SLC, or Idaho. I guess it's turn is coming though.

Thanks for posting. It's so pretty there.

Love Medicine said...

your pics make me miss MT so much. I loved going up to Flathead Lake and just marvel at the sky looming above the mountains and pristine glacial lake. I'm partial to Western Montana big sky, but Eastern is lovely too :)