June 17, 2008


To my faithful readers who may be wondering if I'm alive...

Yes, indeed I am. I even have a couple interesting blog posts coming, with photos no less! Stay tuned. I just finished hell week at work all last week, and I've been enjoying major softball action (my daughter plays in the 9-10 majors girls softball league) which has kept me fairly busy at night as well.

Excuses? Of course. ;) But stay tuned anyway.


Cele said...

You are very missed and I, for one, am ever so happy you live and breathe and will return to us soon.

Too many good and interesting bloggers are disappearing. (okay, from my little circle of interest that is.)

Anonymous said...

I'm there with Cele - you are very missed.

The circle of bloggers has gotten to the point where I started wondering if I had blogging leprosy.


Or blog cooties.

Anonymous said...

waiting and waiting... and waiting some more!

Jennifer said...

Blog cooties, lol.

But yeah, I know what you mean. Is it just the nicer weather making people busier? Because I've had the same problem.

Glad you are still alive, Lisa, lol.

elder said...

To my faithful readers who may be wondering if I'm alive...

I knew you were alive, whether in this world, or in the world of spirits, you were Alive...

Glad to see you're back!!

pray for me

- Elder Gandy

Sister Mary Lisa said...

Cele, thank you. I hope to blog more regularly in the coming months. :)

Sid, you crack me up. Cooties indeed.

Tari, patience, my friend. Patience! I sure wish we had another Paris trip to look forward to....which reminds me. I have blog posts pending from November!!

Jennifer, for me it was softball and soccer season. Which I suppose means better weather in some ways (although...Montana gives all kinds of weather crap during those seasons) but mostly just means running like crazy to all the games and practices.

Elder G, I didn't realize you were a faithful reader. :) Glad you're so sure about life in the spirit world. I'm not sure about that myself.