May 2, 2008

Yo, Kate!


A shout out to my sister, Kate! She called me last night to let me know she got a full ride scholarship to study nursing! She's been working so damn hard for this for years, and to now be paid to do what she had been working so hard toward all along, well....that's simply awesome.

I'm damn proud of you, Kate. Ya done good. I'm so glad you're my sister.


Tony said...

Katie, I am soooooo proud of you. We'll talk this weekend. Love you!!

Katie said...

Thanks Sis! :) I can't sit still today for the life of me! It turns out that it was a better deal than I even thought last night. I am actually going to be getting my RN in 18 months in the time it would normally take me to get my LPN and they are also going to pay me to get my BSN. Basically that is just about my master's degree in half the time for free! Woot! I guess over 300 people applied and they only accepted 30. I can't believe that I am finally getting a break for all of my hard work.It has a lot to do with all the great advice that you and tony have given me over the past few months. I am really lucky to have such amazing women in my life that I can look up to.

mark said...

Congrats Kate. Nice things happen to nice people. Best of luck to you.

aka madre said...

Kate...Wow! I am really proud of your stick-to-it-ive-ness! You've worked hard and I'm very happy for you and proud of you.

Course, you know how I feel, don't you?

Love, aka