February 1, 2008

So much for resolutions

I had a resolution to try to blog more often in 2008 (maybe a New Year's resolution, maybe not ~ I prefer to keep myself non-committal on these things) and I've been pretty bad so far at writing more. I do have some ideas for what I'd like to write when I finally take the time, so at least we know it's not writer's block or anything like that.

This week, however, I have an excuse. My hell week (billing clients) got bumped up by over a week this month and I'm hauling patootie today trying to get as much done as I can. Wish me luck. I was at work until almost ten last night so I am dragging pretty good right now.

Hope the weekend is relaxing for you.


Phoenix Touch said...

and I hope the weekend is relaxing for YOU, SML


Jazzy said...

Take some time off this weekend relax and have some fun!!


Cele said...

What they said, you have to recharge.

CV Rick said...

Well, I'm not letting you off the hook. We need content!!

mark said...

SML, I think you deserve a warm jacuzzi and an all over body massage. With hot oil of course. May I bring you some wine and cheese too? We aim to please around here. What? You want a facial too? No prob SML. Im at you command. Hey Im in a good mood.

wry said...

God, I want some of what Mark is offering. Sheesh.

Are you going to finish Paris? I long for it...or maybe I just long to do it again. :-(

Have a good weekend, sweets.