February 2, 2008

As overheard tonight in the ladies' room

Woman in Stall #1: So anyway, like, I'm a fucking clean freak, you should probably know.

Woman in Stall #2: Oh good! Me too! That'll help that we both are!!

#1: I mean, like, I'm probably OCD or something. I gotta have it spotless at all times. Seriously. All. The. Time.

#2: Me too! He totally whipped me into shape and now all I want to do is clean. I obsess. Seriously.

#1: Good. That means it should totally work out great then.

#2: Totally. That's so cool!

(They both flush and leave their stalls)

#1: I like totally need to go bra shopping too.

#2: I just need boobs, period.

#1: Oh, that too. I hate bra shopping.

#2: Totally me too.


CV Rick said...

Wow, there are just so many places that conversation could've gone.

What do you suppose they were really talking about?

lostinutah said...

Polygamy, anyone?

Sorry, I've lived in Utah WAY TOo LONG.

Awesome post - bet you were weirded out yet amused.

j.m. tewkesbury said...

Wow. Weird. New lesbian relationship? Or, maybe LIU is right: new sister-wife? Or, perhaps recently divorced and getting a roommate?

Aren't bathroom conversations just the best?

Jer said...

Mr. Clean has his own cult now?

Regina Filangi said...

Hey, I didn't know that was you in the ladies room!! ;)

NotPotable said...

Clean freaks, eh?

I have to know - did they wash their hands??

f said...

New roommates?

omg, I hate bra shopping too.


Sideon said...

Men do NOT have discussions in the bathroom. Period.

Hysterical post, SML :)

Jonathan Blake said...

I've had conversations in the men's room, but if I can help it, only after finishing my business. Conversations at the sink are cool; at the urinal, not so much.

"whipped me into shape"

Sounds pretty ominous.

Meg said...

Sideon, I don't know if most women have conversations like that either. I certainly don't!

Very funny conversation.