May 2, 2007

An Interview

My friend JulieAnn, wonderful author of Ravings of a Mad Woman was kind enough to give me these awesome interview questions that I am happy to share with you today.

1) If you were to be a food, what would you be and why?

I’d be Crème Brûlée, of course. Sweet, smooth, highly desirable. Requiring care and also a little fire to reach my full potential.

2) What was one of the most pivotal moments in your life, and how did it change you?

Discovering the church I followed my whole life wasn’t the “TRUTH” as I thought it was. This freed me to find my OWN truths, and I’m still in the process. It’s liberating, empowering, and exhilarating all at once. I seriously feel like a new woman. It also brought me to this blog community where I’m meeting people I think are extraordinary. It’s wonderful.

3) If you had 24 hours to live, with whom would you spend your time and what would you want them to know?

I’d spend the time with my children, of course. I’d want them to know that they are each unique and full of self-worth. I’d want them to understand how very important it is that they recognize their own inner voice, and to listen to it always because it will tell them how to be their most authentic selves. I’d want them to know how very deeply I love them and not to worry that there is a life beyond this one…just to make the best of this life by following their dreams.

4) What is the difference, for you, between hope and faith?

From my dictionary ~
Hope: to desire something with some confidence of fulfillment.
Faith: confident belief; trust.

Hope is something that feels more personal to me than faith. Hope is the feeling I feel when I face my deepest desires or wishes. Faith is more of a tangible thing, and it does have religious connotations when I think about it. I much prefer hope over faith. If I have no hope, what do I have? I think I’m an optimist, so hope is very important to me, whereas, I feel fine when I don’t have faith in anything. Although, have I ever felt the complete absence of faith? I don’t think so. I have every faith that I will have a bill in my mailbox when the mail comes today.

5) If you could sleep with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Oded Fehr. (See “hope” above.). I think he’s handsome and sexy as hell, that’s why. Is that shallow of me? So what??

If anyone wants me to give them five interview questions, just say so, and I'll do my best to comply.


wry catcher said...

I'll take your interview question challenge. :-)

Sideon said...

Excellent interview questions and answers.

Oded is hot Hot HOT.

Pompous One said...

Interview me!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

WC and Pomp, I've emailed you both some questions. Thanks for playing!

Sid, I agree. I found out Dartman thinks I should have said NOBODY in answer to question #5. Sorry, honey.

CV Rick said...

I'll play.

Good answers.

You can tell Dartman that my gf has a Movie boyfriend, television boyfriend, internet boyfriend, and probably some others. It's easier to just get used to it.

Cele said...

Oded is hot hot hot, but if I'm going to not charge him for the first time, could he please have those little tattos under his eyes? Oh and maybe that sword, himmm...


coral said...


However I won't answer for awhile as I am going on holiday.

ripzip said...

Oded Fehr. Oh yeah. I so understand it.

Bored in Vernal said...

All I can say is Yum.

CV Rick said...

Okay, my answers will post at 7 AM tomorrow.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Cele, I'm calling Dart honey, not Sid. Sid and Dart both know this.

Coral, email me at so I can send you my questions. Do you have a blog or are you going to answer them here in my comments?

Rippy and Bored, I know! Hubba hubba. I just shivered.

CV Rick, I look forward to your answers. Thanks also to WC adn Pomp for playing!

Cele said...

Ha ha, I never thought you were calling anyone but Dart, honey.

My own "honey?????" was not directed at you, honest. When ever Ducky wants something, I hear...


You know the tone.

Cele said...

BTW your questions have been great.

Success Warrior said...

Nice answers.

JulieAnn said...

I smiled all the way through, too. Great to hear your take on things, SML.

Thanks for playing! Now, someone else interview me, quick! I'm running dry in Bloggerland! LOL

Taiko Tari said...

Lisa! Great interview. I'll play too if the offer is still up.