September 17, 2009

Check it out!

Belaja approached me to illustrate a post she wrote that blew me away when I read it. She is an amazing writer and I feel so honored to have been able to work with her on this project. Her writing on the female Mormon experience is the best I've ever read. I'm so excited that it's posted!

Please go to Main Street Plaza and read it and leave your comments. Thanks!


Urban Koda said...

And the illustrations are excellent too!

KingM said...

Cool, I love it. My daughter looks a lot more like the scruffy girl, out mixing it up with the boys. I like her just fine that way.

Cele said...

Wooo hoo she walks, she talks, she blogs. I on the other hand am estatic. Okay now to go read and view.

JulieAnn said...

Nicely done my friend! Glad to see you around!

foundinidaho said...

Yeah, I was pretty much the "feminist" at that age. Even if I didn't know what to call it. Nice pics.

belaja said...

Your pictures MADE that thing, Lisa! They were absolutely perfect. It is so cool that I get to have your art work on my writing at the beginning of your illustrious artistic career. Someday I'll be able to say I knew you when. :)

Thanks for doing this with me.

Lucid Dreamer said...

Thanks for the recommendation and link. She is a fascinating articulator and the illustrations... oh wow!

Anonymous said...

Most excellent, SML :)

And I DO have an original drawing of yours and I DO get to crow that fact to those who don't have one. **insert self-satisfied grin, here**

Good to see you posting again!

Froggie said...

Loved both the article and the illustrations. You guys did good. I'm proud to know you both.

mark said...

Hi Lisa,
Glad to see your post. I missed you and I was getting a little concerned. Hope all is well with you and yours. Please keep in touch. You are a rare talent and I like you. Best to you my friend.
Be well.

Cele said...

Girl friend when are you going to start blogging again? I miss your blog. And really Facebook isn't near enough to chew over for true sustenance.

geo said...

You still a sister?
any contact details for you?
mail me

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